Simple way to customize pushpins in Bing Maps for WP7

Having trouble finding a quick and simple way to customize and add images to pushpins? I came up with the following.

The stardard pushpin looks pretty bad, as you can see, it is just a black square with a pointing arrow.

The easiest way to get rid of it is to set the template of your pushpin to null.

Pushpin myPushpin = new Pushpin();
myPushpin.Template = null;

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Open Websites and Emails from a Windows Phone 7 Silverlight App

First,  make sure to reference the Microsoft.Phone.Tasks Library

In your XAML you can add a HyperlinkButton with a click even like this:

<HyperlinkButton x:Name="Email" Content="" Click="Email_Click"/>

Then use the EmailComposeTask class to bring up the mail client.

private void Email_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
EmailComposeTask email = new EmailComposeTask();
email.To = "";
email.Subject = "Thanks";

In a similar manner, you instantiate WebBrowserTask to bring up the browser with the provided link

private void MyBlog_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
WebBrowserTask web = new WebBrowserTask();
web.URL = "";

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Why don’t we get digital property?

When I was teenager, there was suddenly this huge boom of CD stores in my hometown. They were more than anything places to hang out with your friends and people who share your taste in music. You would come to the store, have a chat and whatnot. Even if you did not buy a CD that day, it was very likely you bought a soft drink, a poster, or a piece of gum. It was the social network of its day in a way.

Then, manufacturers just as they did with cassettes recorders on its day, started selling upgrades to the CD players called CD writers or recorders. Soon, the bootleggers started charging a fraction of the price of the original because they only had to cover the cost of the media they were selling illegally. At this moment in time, lust for the sheen of money made consumers buy these bootlegs without a hint of the ramifications of the laws they were breaking. This managed to cause most of the stores to shut down and those that did not had to severely down size.

This is the part I think people do not get about stealing digital property. It is not that Lady Gaga is not going to make as many millions or had to downgrade from her Jet 4 to a Jet 3, it is the fact that Jet 3 does not need as many engineers to maintain the Jet putting them out of a job. All of the stores in my hometown paid rent, employed clerks, cleaning crew, and people for repairs. People do not seem to get that stealing digital property not only affects the artist but it also affects the economy, which affects you.

When you buy a book on your Kindle, you are not paying for text that cost nothing to be copied. You are paying for the effort, the work of the author, the editors, and even the people that clean the place where the editors work. If we don’t get this, it will get to a point where nobody will have any incentive to create anything as it will not put food on the table.

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5 reasons you should NOT develop in SAP

No SapWhen you graduate from a college with a computer science degree, there are several disciplines that you can steer your career towards. ERP is one of them. To keep it short and simple, ERP are software packages that supposedly should provide functionality to everything the client/company would ever need. However, it still needs to be customized to fit all your client needs. SAP is one of these packages and I will give you several reasons why you should stay away from pursuing a career or develop  in SAP.

1. Documentation is Terrible, Terrible, Terrible

You are going to be working with code that could have easily been written 20 years ago. It is very likely there is not going to be much documentation or an API that you could reference to get you started. Several commands could have already been deprecated but SAP will not update that code or add much documentation to it. In the chance that there is any documentation, it can be available in German without an English version of it. Also,  most SAP Press books are a sales pitch to management rather than actual technical knowledge.

2. Why use an Abacus when we have Calculators?

Tools to develop in ABAP are very rudimentary. Do not expect CTRL + Space here. The language has seen several revisions with the addition of objects but they rarely serve a purpose as they are only wrappers to existing function modules. This encourages old and new developers to keep working in traditional programming which is rather obsolete nowadays. SAP’s approach to make ABAP object oriented is simply a joke. There is no repository tool for developing in ABAP or an effective way to concurrently work on the same code. It is possible to lock your code so that nobody can edit it, but that’s about it. Continue reading “5 reasons you should NOT develop in SAP”