5 reasons you should NOT develop in SAP

No SapWhen you graduate from a college with a computer science degree, there are several disciplines that you can steer your career towards. ERP is one of them. To keep it short and simple, ERP are software packages that supposedly should provide functionality to everything the client/company would ever need. However, it still needs to be customized to fit all your client needs. SAP is one of these packages and I will give you several reasons why you should stay away from pursuing a career or develop  in SAP.

1. Documentation is Terrible, Terrible, Terrible

You are going to be working with code that could have easily been written 20 years ago. It is very likely there is not going to be much documentation or an API that you could reference to get you started. Several commands could have already been deprecated but SAP will not update that code or add much documentation to it. In the chance that there is any documentation, it can be available in German without an English version of it. Also,  most SAP Press books are a sales pitch to management rather than actual technical knowledge.

2. Why use an Abacus when we have Calculators?

Tools to develop in ABAP are very rudimentary. Do not expect CTRL + Space here. The language has seen several revisions with the addition of objects but they rarely serve a purpose as they are only wrappers to existing function modules. This encourages old and new developers to keep working in traditional programming which is rather obsolete nowadays. SAP’s approach to make ABAP object oriented is simply a joke. There is no repository tool for developing in ABAP or an effective way to concurrently work on the same code. It is possible to lock your code so that nobody can edit it, but that’s about it. Continue reading “5 reasons you should NOT develop in SAP”

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Issues

Modern Warfare 2I have been playing Modern Warfare 2 since a couple of days after the release because I got it from Steam. I have been playing with my buddies from the clan and several other friends since pretty much everybody got the game by now. It is a fun game; however, I am still annoyed with several issues that need to be addressed with the game and IW.net.

First, this matchmaking does not seem to be working for the player to make the experience simpler. The purpose of getting rid of dedicated servers was supposed to make it easier and more approachable to the casual player restricting the interface to a console-like experience. However, it has been completely the opposite effect. Since we are lacking dedicated servers, a player is going to be designated to host. If you are behind a router, as most people are, make sure you forward all the ports that are needed otherwise your NAT is going to be set to “Strict”. If you are a casual gamer, I probably lost you already but you can see my point.

Second, the party system does not seem to work without problems. It is tedious, you have to invite everybody and for some reason some of your friends will not be able to connect to your party. It always takes a couple of tries until somebody can successfully be party leader and invite without issues.

Third, on several occasions, the player that is hosting will disconnect because he either rage quits or his connection is not good enough. At this point, it is possible someone in your party will disconnect while trying to switch to another host. Not to mention the process takes about 20 to 30 seconds in a good scenario which disrupts the flow of the game and annoys all players. Continue reading “Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Issues”

Cristiano’s top 5 games to watch for in the 2009 shopping season

5. The Beatles: Rockband The Beatles Rockband

At first when I heard about RockBand a couple of years ago, I thought it was kind of silly. Then, I started playing with some friends and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I even got my wife to be an expert on the vocals. I own a copy of Rock Band 2 Special Edition since the drums are better quality than the previous set. We play it every now and then, especially when friends come over. It is a great party game. Now, add The Beatles into the mix and this game is going to be great. Of course, if you do not like The Beatles you should probably stay away from this one, but who does not like The Beatles :P.

4. DiRT 2 Dirt 2

This is the sequel of DiRT of course, but these games are part of the Collin McRae Rally franchise. I had a lot of fun with DiRT and it is my favorite arcade racing game. Needless to say, I prefer this style of racing much better than your regular arcade street racing game.  It is just so much more fun to slide in gravel roads and look at great Mediterranean landscapes than city night lights.

Do not expect Gran Turismo realism here, this is all about speed, bumping into cars, and getting your cars dirty! I still have not decided if I will get the PC or console version but I expect both to be great successors to an already great series.

3. Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time
Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank games are not exactly masterpieces but they are a lot of fun to play and I love this kind of humor. This series has been my favorite platform franchise since it came out on the PS2. I know Mario is supposed to be the King but he is just not cutting it for me anymore.

The first PS3 installment, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, looked very pretty and showed high production values.  The subsequent add on “Quest for Booty” was rather short but it moved the story along. I am expecting this new sequel to include more content, fun weapons, and spice up the platform shooter genre a bit more.

Continue reading “Cristiano’s top 5 games to watch for in the 2009 shopping season”