Killing Floor Guide

Searching for guides for Killing Floor, I realized there was not a single one in So, I decided that I should create one with a little help from the guys from the clan. I am going to start it by creating a thread on our forums taking suggestions on what to add or edit.

I am planning on covering mostly strategies on how to handle enemies and finding good spots in the core maps. Hopefully, my guide will provide some more exposure to the clan and we can find more recruits. Killing Floor is an awesome game, but it is way underrated. It is only $20 bucks on Steam, and it is pretty much everything I wanted Left 4 Dead to be. I got 3 servers running on my media center that you can check out here. You can get an awesome ping in these, especially if you are in the South. Feel free to ping me if you want to join our ventrilo server.

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$$$$$ UPDATE 08/31/2009 $$$$$

After working on it for a while, the guide finally got publish on So, you can check it out here. Now that it was accepted, I will be adding more content to it. I will add an actual FAQ, and enemies quotes among another things.