Add an ‘o’ at the end and it is in Spanish!

This is a list of words in English that you can add an ‘o’ or an ‘a’ at the end
and they will actually translate to Spanish.

English Spanish
car carro
sex sexo
act acto
large largo
product producto
telephone telefono
cost costo
liquid líquido
program programa
Atlantic Atlántico
automatic automático
democratic democrático
didactic didáctico
fanatic fanático
gymnast gimnasta

scholastic escolástico
linguistic linguístico
lunatic lunático
optimistic optimístico
patriotic patriótico
romantic romántico
sarcastic sarcástico
argument argumento
monument monumento
sacrament sacramento
sentiment sentimiento
suplement suplemento
testament testamento
classic clásico
comic cómico
electric eléctrico
cosmic cósmico

Now that you know, please do not say, stop’o, school’o, or lunch’o

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