Places in Hattiesburg that sell Coke Zero

I was a heavy Diet Coke drinker until I discovered Coke Zero. It tastes 10 times better. However, few places around my area serve it or have it in their soda machines. I know of only the following places that serve it in the Hattiesburg Area.

1. Bakers Burger Co: This is the new burger joint in town and it is pretty good too. They have a “flavor of the week” bun, wheat and your typical white bun. [location]

2. Movie Star: You will love to eat here! They’ve got an awesome buffet Friday and Saturday that includes ribs, catfish, pork loin, sweet potatoes fries, apple pie, and all the good stuff. Saturdays they have a deal called Ribeye for 2 which is $25. [location]

3. The Grand 18: Do you know what is better than Nachos and Cheese? Coke Zero with Nachos and Cheese 😛
Yep, our local and only movie theater serves Coke Zero. [location]

4. Fox’s Pizza Den:  This is a great pizza joint on Old Hwy 11 next to the Corner market. Good Pizza.  Very different from your franchise type pizza place. [location]

5. Sweet Peppers Deli: They have two locations, one on Hardy next to Lowes and the other one on Lincoln and Broadway. They sell sandwiches, salads, wraps, and spuds to go with a delicious Coke Zero [location] [2]

If you know of any other places nearby that serve Coke Zero,  feel free to let us know in the comments section. Continue reading “Places in Hattiesburg that sell Coke Zero”