Can somebody please train personnel at tech stores?

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Some friends and I walk into a store that sells Nooks. I consider myself very tech sawy and I keep up with gadgets so I am not sure why one of my friends decides to ask the store dude about it instead of myself. They had two models on display, the Nook and the Nook Color. So the guy starts going off about how the nook color is much more advanced because you can fit 6000 (8GB) books rather 1500(2G) books on the original one. To what my friend replies that she can always take books out and put back in the ones she wants to read. So, I tell my friend that she doesn’t need to worry about it because if she EVER needs more than 1600 books¬†she can always buy a cheap SD card that could easily triple the storage.

Then, the guy starts talking about how the color screen is so much better because it is easier to read. I can certainly see that device¬†being better for children’s books and maybe magazines but not for reading books. So, I tell my friend that for reading books which is the main purpose of the e-reader, she will probably prefer the e-ink so that she could read outside and her eyes won’t get tired as much because of all the reflection in the color screen. The guy says that that is not really a problem when my friend’s husband points out that you can see all the store lights reflecting on the screen. At this point, with all the pandering, I am thinking this guy works on commission or something.
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