Zune HD Review

OLED TouchScreen
– Gorgeous OLED Screen, images just stand out with great contrasts
Excellent Dock
– The Zune dock is great. It supports HD output. It hooks to any HDMI device. It is also compatible with older AV inputs
Zune Pass Compatible
– The Zune Pass allows you to download most of the available music at the Zune Store to your computer or Zune device. It is $15/month but you get 10 song credits so that you can pick 10 songs to keep. The songs that you buy are DRM free and can be use in any device.
Interfaces smoothly with the XBOX 360
– If you decide not to get the dock, you can stream all the songs download with your subscription to an XBOX 360.
HD Radio
– Very few portable devices have HD Radio. There are few stations in my area, but it is nice to see song info on the player. It does not feel like 1990.

No FLAC support
– There is support for wma loss-less codec, but it would have nice to have FLAC support.
Few apps
– I saw a couple of games, twitter, and some apps, but there is not really a huge selection.
No Bluetooth Support
– I was really disappointed that I was not able to use my Bluetooth headphones with this device.
Not as many accessories as iPods
– Receivers, alarm clocks, car stereos, and many other devices come with iPod compatible docks. There is not a great selection of accessories for the Zune right now, but some devices are coming soon. If you are looking to connect the Zune to a receiver, you should definitely get the dock.

Overall it is a great product with a competitive price and nice features.

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