Passing the buck Comcast style!

Problem: why is my port 8080 blocked?
Christian > My Issue: why is my port 8080 blocked?
Lim Un > Hello Christian, Thank you for contacting Comcast Live Chat Support. My name is Lim Un. Please give me one moment to review your information.
Lim Un > Hi! Welcome to Comcast! How may I help you?
Christian > I am hosting a WHS 2011 in my computer in port 80 without problem but Comcast is blocking 8080 79 81 and other ports. I can not host a SVN server at the same time. Can you please unlock these ports for me?
Lim Un > I understand how frustrating this might be, Christian. I apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured I will do everything within my means to address your concern today.
Lim Un > For me to further assist you, may I have your account number, account name and the last 4 digits of your SNN.
Christian > acc# XXXXXXXXX acc name CHRIS RIOS ssn XXXX
Lim Un > Thank you for the information, please give me a minute or two to pull up your account.
Lim Un > Oh by the way, do you know that you can protect your computer, files and your identity without slowing down your PC (or Mac). Get Norton Security Suite, a $160 dollar value, AT NO ADDITIONAL COST with your Comcast High-Speed Internet subscription. You can check out for more information.
Lim Un > You want to unblock the other ports for you to be able to access other sites, am I getting this right>?
Lim Un > Are you still there?

Christian > so that I can host an SVN server that I use as a repository for my code. I used to only use 80 but my WHS2011 box is using that now. I tried using 8080 for it but it is blocked by the my ISP
Christian > If I go to, I see that all those ports are blocked
Lim Un > As I checked, you will need to call your modem manufacturer for your router set up to open other ports.
Christian > my router is setup properly, I even used DMZ for the server
Christian > forwarding ports is not the issue
Lim Un > Yes, I understand, but on the router set up, it will need to be changed.
Lim Un > That’s why your modem manufacturer needs to be contacted.
Christian > that does not make any sense, modems do not have any type of firewalls
Lim Un > As I checked, you will need to call because this is supported by your modem or router manufacturer.
Christian > I am pretty sure they are going to tell me to contact my ISP that is blocking the ports. I have no problem with ports 80, 21, and some other that are not blocked.
Lim Un > As much as I want to assist you with this, only your modem or router manufacturer can assist you. As they will changed the ports to unblock others.
Christian > I do not mean to be rude, but can you please redirect me to someone that knows what I am talking about?
Lim Un > I apologize but, I am sure on this that you will need to contact your modem manufacturer for that.
Christian > can I speak to your supervisor?
Lim Un > May I know why? as I checked, for your concern, I am sure you will need to contact your modem manufacturer
Lim Un > I suggest to try it first, as I can assure you that and you can chat us back anytime and I will put notes on your account incase you chat us back.
Lim Un > So you won’t need to explain it again.
Christian > nice way to pass the buck pal

Talking to these people is like pouring acid in your eyes O.o

********** UPDATE  07/01/2011 *************

I replied to the guy who commented:

All I need you guys to do is open 8080 in my modem for inbound traffic

He says:

We do block certain ports but only for security reasons and 8080 is not a port we block.


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********** UPDATE  07/02/2011 *************

So, I am on the computer trying to figure out if it is an issue with my Motorola Surfboard SB5101 modem or my Netgear WNDR3700 router. This is because they said that they do not block port 8080. Then, I get a call from Comcast on a Saturday, now I feel bad this guy has to work on the holiday weekend. He asks me if I am still having any trouble and he tells me that they do not block any ports other than port 25. Also, he says that I am not supposed to be hosting a WebServer anyway and that I should upgrade to a commercial plan. I asked him how much it would cost for me to upgrade and he says he could refer me to that department. I told him I would look into it and hung up.